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Don't Fear Color! Moody Blue- the Perfect Shade to Liven Up your Laundry!

When it comes to decorating we all LOVE color! But when it comes to cabinets we get a little nervous when color is mentioned. Most people feel safer going with a timeless white or cream. Some folks are more traditional and have visions of a beautiful rich stain.

A great way to get a little splash of color in your cabinets is in the LAUNDRY room. It's a low risk investment that will put a little pizazz in your decorating and it might just brighten up a less than exciting task.

One of my favorite colors this year has been Sherwin Williams® "Moody Blue." It's a gorgeous shade of medium blue/green that makes me smile.

Moody blue is in the Sherwin Williams® 2015 Colormix ColorForecast “Optimistic Odyessy." It's in the "Chrysalis" collection inspired by earth and sky.

Of course you don't have to rip out your existing cabinets. You can easily paint them or do what we did in this laundry room remodel - have new doors and drawers made to fit the old cabinet boxes.

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